Classic Rock, Celebrated Favorites and Originals

Haverford Music Festival 2014

 During the summer of 2019 Grateful Rob played for Live Nation at their BB&T Camden VIP Lounge location.  This year's concerts included Dead and Company, Phish, Carlos Santana, Dave Matthews and many more.  Past shows in 2017 and 2018 Rob played the VIP Lounge for national acts Steely Dan, Joe Walsh, and Chicago.  In addition to this, Rob's full band played on the Ocan City NJ boardwalk for summertime Family Nights as well as benefit concerts for Walk for the Wounded veterans benefits. 

Recently Grateful Rob has been working in the area's Senior Living Homes bringing smiles and laughter to the retirement community. For these events Rob pulls from his extensive "oldies" repertoire. 

Rob's originals can be found on Spotify under the name "Grateful Rob's Synthetic Dream Collective." 

Since 2004 Rob has rocked festivals, block parties, fund-raisers and barrooms. With a focus on classic rock celebrated favorites, and his original works, Rob delights large crowds and intimate gatherings. Working as a solo artist, or leading his full band The Synthetic Dream Collective, Rob caters to his audience until there's nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

Oakmont National Pub, Havertown Pa